Beautiful things make us feel beautiful.

    STYLIGION BEAUTY Sometimes we women are looking for that perfect thing. In our style, in our relationships, in our work, in our home decor, health care etc..! We are perfectionists in a smaller or bigger degree. So when we find the element we were looking for, it makes us feel alive, or at least me 🙂 When I see something that I like may it be shopping, people, art, books, ideas; at that very moment I start feeling the energy running through my veins, I feel on top! It is surprising how we human beings praise beauty, it doesn’t have to be only physical one. Someone with some words, with the touch of the hand can make you feel that beauty. Beauty is truth …, that is Parotisse motto, because it makes you feel divine and in love with yourself.

    I wanted to show you were I felt that beauty, this time in fashion field, not long ago I’ve discovered STYLIGION, it is on-line portal created by many designers with great great dresses. Oh my god, they are like gods’ food, when I saw the dresses it felt so special, so unique, they are very feminine and cosmic.

    Many fashion bloggers like The Blonde Salad, Dulceida, Kayture, The Style Scrapbook wore them in their blogs and that how I had discovered Styligion. Here you have many of the pictures from the above mentioned blogs. My favourite one is the red with sleeves! When I get my dress you will see me, I can’t wait! I want that precious!

Somehow beautiful things make us feel beautiful.

Kayture by Kristina Bazan


The Blonde Salad by Chiara Ferragni  11318463884_6cfe8abcd0_o

Dulceida by Aida Domenechamtp 

The style scrapbook by Andy TorresAndyTorresStyligion2


chiaraferragni-styligion-sunglasses Dulceida+styligion 






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