Tartan says hello

This winter I found this amazing green tartan scarf from Zara, it was the best buy for the 2014! I was so cold this January, isn’t it? Well, I know that Barcelona is not -30Cº but still it can get very cold in here, although I miss snow sometimes 🙂  I covered myself on and on with this amazing scarf ! It is so big, it can even be a blanket. Perfect for winter.

One of my biggest pleasures in life was always walking. I love taking walks to empty my mind, to enjoy the air, to breath it with my full lungs.

When I was a little girl I loved getting lost in the streets, discover new places and landscapes I have never seen. Sometimes I even followed people, I wanted to know where everybody was going 😉 I guess I was exploring the environment I lived in! I still do the same today, maybe my mind has thoughts of a different kind. Now these walks mean more of exploring my mind itself than of the environment, although I still discover sunsets, the colours of the sea, musicians playing really good music or shops with really interesting and creative things.

This comfy warm look is perfect for walking and thinking about universe and all the transcendental things!  To disconnect from the world with music in your head wearing a tartan pattern which is always very inspirational. Tartan became fashionable during the 70s by the British punks. Nowadays it is only acquiring more and more popularity. Thank you Scottish people for inventing it! It is trendy, underground and hipster. For me it is very iconic and characteristic, it’s a folkloric piece. I love folklore, it is like a heritage from past times with loads of history and wisdom. 

I also love this type of green. Bottle green. It connects so much with my inner peace, it is really soothing and triggers my creativity button.  

I hope you enjoy my walk in an Old Port of Barcelona with my cute tartan scarf! Have a warm day!

Tartan scarf Zara / Jacket C&A / T-shirt Primark / Denim H&M / Boots Primark / Headphones Bershka / Ring Unknown


DSC_0506    DSC_0534DSC_0551Tartan says Hello3


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