5 songs to make you feel stronger

I have always thought that music has some kind of magic. It connects so good with our interior world that words sometimes cannot express what music can touch. If I had any problem I listened to music in order to heal. If I felt happy I listened to music to celebrate. Any way or another it was always a mirror of me.

I call it MUSICA TERAPIA: music therapy that can help anybody in hard times.

1. She wolf. Connect with your inner self, feel the warrior inside you, follow your instincts.

2. Stop crying your heart out. Cry as much as you can in order to let it go, everything will be alright.

3. Let’s talk. Talk to somebody, write it, if you like photography express it through camera, if you like to dance express it with your dancing, painting etcetera. It is important to let it go.

4. Stronger than yesterday. Make an acknowledgement that you are feeling stronger and less attached.

5. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Celebrate yourself and be happy because you deserve it! Congratulations!


 Note: this is not a doctor prescription or method. I just sharing my music.


What is in your head?

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