Lavender Sugar Scrub to moisture your skin


Good day to everybody! Today’s post is all about taking care of our skin because this winter is quite windy and cold for many of us, except for all of you who have summer now! My skin type is dry may it be winter or summer, so I need extra nourishing and protection. I enjoy making my own cosmetics, I know exactly what ingredients I use and I choose the best ones. Also, it saves you a lot of money and home-made cosmetics are more effective than the industrial ones. Why? Ingredients are extra fresh!

Making my own cosmetics connects me with nature. It is almost like a therapy for me.

Today I will show you how to make Lavender Sugar Scrub, it is very simple to make and ingredients are easy to find. I love scrubs very much!

1 tablespoon of oil (You can use any oil you have in your kitchen like sunflower, olive, coconut, avocado… This time I used avocado)

2 tbsp of sugar

1-2 tbsp of dry lavender

You mix them together and your scrub is ready to use! Lavender will regenerate and calm your skin, also it smells really good so it is aromatherapy for your shower time too. Sugar will exfoliate your dead cells and Avocado Oil is easily absorbed into your skin and will moisture it. I used it for one shower. You can vary the quantities as you like, you may prefer it more liquid or thicker. 

Enjoy your lovely skin, it will thank you!



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