We are all born Superstars!


Going to castings for TV spots, catwalks, photo shootings etc., made me realize how important it is to really love yourself. You can be supreme beauty but if you are not confident enough about your body and your abilities your beauty is kinda useless. I always waited for somebody to believe in me and discover my wonderful personality, but as my “dreamy era” is finished now, by this I mean school and university. I found myself thrown into the wild jungle with million of people wanting the same thing as I do. Nobody will come, unless you are very lucky and somebody with connections helps you, but again you have to believe in yourself. People want happy people. People want a ready material. People want confidence. Don’t worry, Rome wasn’t build in one day. It is hard to build confidence just from one moment to another. You have to try really hard and be well determined about it. The more experiences you have where you confidence is challenged the better.

Drop everything, just be.

p92pr4fqn1QIt is a pity how much many people could give us if they were more confident about themselves.  Whatever is your past, you can fight it and be want you want to be. Maybe when you were growing up you didn’t have a lot of encouragement from your parents into the right direction but there are many people who believe in us I am sure. I have a couple of amazing friends who when I am down always help me and believe in my dreams too. I am so grateful for having them and all the people I meet on my path.

So here I leave you with few videos. Cherish yourself.

We are all born superstars!


What is in your head?

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