Dark Fairy Tale

Hi folks, it has been a while, but yeah, here I am again!  With the new collaboration of the talented photographer Duda Bueno and one of the best make up artists ever, Ruri Castillo. This time we thought about something dark and beautiful at the same time. It is all about duality of the human nature.

 Beauty in the dark, like our souls that fight each other sides, we see that light we want it close, but it escapes from our claws.

Tales are amazingly symbolical and go to the deepest of our souls when we don’t even notice. When I was a kid my grandma always told me one before going to sleep, I loved them, Russian culture is very rich with tales, we all love them! Here you have some characters from the Russian fairy tales Baba Yaga, Kolobok, Vasilisa the Wise and many more!

 The best book I read about tales, their meaning and all about a “she wolf” of our heart is Women who run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, these tales are more about women psychology and nature, totally recommended! What the point of talking about fairy tales without any? Well, here you have a short piece of a one!

A tale

– In the dark forest we seek our nature, our deepest dreams and desires, sometimes we ignore them, repress them, other times we embrace them and become stronger – said the old woman who once was a little girl. She continued.

– What we bury eats us , swallows us and posses us. We don’t even notice, and you won’t notice how you heart becomes numb and your eyes blind.

– But how can that be? Is there any solution to it old woman? –  said the lost traveller.

– There is always a solution young fella. But you won’t see it, because you just don’t really want to, as simple as that.

Fairy-0314 5-800px-wmFairy-0314 3-800px-wm

Fairy-0314 7-800px-wm Fairy-0314 8-800px-wmFairy-0314 10-800px-wmFairy-0314 9-800px-wm


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