It’s SUSHI time

sushi time parotisse

sushi time parotisse
sushi time parotisse

As you may know or not, I have a passion for eating sushi, it is one of my bestest hobbies, just kidding. But seriously, even if I am sad sushi helps me to feel better, it is like sushi therapy. Did I invent something new? 😉

It is one of my biggest pleasures to go on discovering new places to eat sushi, at its quality and best price. I have some of my favourite places but still there are always those that I crave to go to but didn’t go yet. In the next future I am thinking on writing my own personal sushi guide like best places to eat sushi in Barcelona, or something similar.

I have to confess that my first experience with sushi wasn’t really great. My mom gave me some to try and I found it very strange and tasteless. My conversion happened when I tried it for the second or third time. After that I became a sushi lover.  I even tried to make it at home. The result maybe wasn’t aesthetically perfect but it was so godly delicious, I followed a good recipe and of course I am such a cool cook 😀

Once I went to some sushi making class, it was interesting, got some new ideas, learnt what a sushi party was. It is when you have all the ingredients for sushi making ready and each guest tries to make one roll or many, and then you all eat it, like bbq party, everyone contributes to eat. Sounds great.

I always always say the same thing whoever is with me in the moment of tasting some delicious makis and nigiris, “Isn’t it amazing? So simple, just rice and fish but genious! Those Japanese!”


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