Why do we love fashion ?

Fashion is a finite tool of your infinite being, a form of self expression of your inner world, feelings, mood, ideology, whatever you want it to be. But to be honest I have never thought of fashion in that way, I just dressed when there was a T-shirt that I like when I had money and didn’t think of any particular reason at all. But do our clothes say many things about us, sure they do! It is unconsciously reflects what we are, black colour? Red? Yellow? A particular pattern that repeats itself all the time? Hell yeah.
I love people who dress nicely, to see a woman or a man to be completely stunning, it is like wow, so appealing, they attract you attention in a good way. But why? When we perceive an object that to our eye is beautiful it gives us a feeling of pleasure. Beauty is also connected to mathematics, to its symmetrical perception like perfectly symmetric face features or even Taj Mahal or Pyramids, they are just fascinating.  There must be a hidden magical order in all of it that seduces our eye.
Beauty give us pleasure and that is why we enjoy it. But beauty is subjective, we call something beautiful when we like it, without us it doesn’t exist, so at the end what we put in it it’s all that matters. Exactly as this saying follows: The beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Mainstream beauty, personal taste beauty, doesn’t matter. We create it. Fashion and style are creativity. We love to create them because we give piece of us into the world. You never know what it can become, it can trigger butterfly effect and lead you somewhere else or it can inspire somebody else.
Now I try to make my purchases more consciously, not to be a tasteless teenager again as I was, we have personalities and we must reflect them, it is what makes us unique ! We are all special we are different, let us embrace our beings without trying to be someone else, so be yourself! Everyone else is already taken!

My look for today is very summer- jungle, very parotisse! I wore my old real Levis shorts that are from the 80s, so vintage! You may remember this Zara shirt I wore for Barcelona Fashion Week, you can check it here, what I did I put it the other way around, now it has a nice V neck which was actually at the back before. It is nice to play with clothes like that, who told you that you have to wear it in that certain way? There is no right way, experiment until you like it!

why do we love fashion? parotisse

why do we love fashion? parotissewhy do we love fashion? parotissewhy do we love fashion? parotisse

Shorts Levis vintage / Shirt Zara / Shoes Zara 

Everyone else is already taken


What is in your head?

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