Lost in time


I saw those windows and they made me travel to some old times where we had to time to sit and gaze at the morning sunshine, when there was time to simply breathe with no rush. A time when heart was where it belonged and didn’t wander lost in space.

lost in time parotisse

She was reading a book in the library, when her father approached and asked:

– What are you reading darling?

– Just a book, I just started it, there is nothing interesting yet.

-Are you sure? I am sure it leads somewhere it can interest you.

– Maybe yes maybe not, I prefer books that engage me from the first page.

– Hmm. But you know, sometimes life can lead us somewhere we don’t yet as your book.

– Well, I read 5o pages more and tell you if it leads somewhere.

Photography Magda Miskowicz

What is in your head?

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