How to get a job, 1 secret.

September is coming soon and it means time to change hopefully for the best. Here I am all in girly black dress with polka dot shoes strolling through some Spanish beautiful streets 😀  In the meantime I am looking for a full time job as my income lately wasn’t really a good one. So now my day-to-day life consists in applying for a big amount of jobs and interviews.

How to get a job, 1 secret. parotisse

I hate interviews, they are so analysing, how can you tell something about a person in 30 mins? Well, you can tell many things but there are many other you won’t see, it is like an iceberg. Questions like: Why do you want to work for our company? You have to invent some lame argument when in reality you just need a job :(. What are your main strength? My main strength is to sleep with my cat without moving at all :D. What is your weakness? My weakness is to have a small bladder? ehem? Obviously I didn’t tell that, silly of me hehe but you understand what I mean.

How to get a job, 1 secret. parotisse

The point is that they are so many people applying for your position, many of them are much better prepared than you are. The question that arises here is how can I get a job with so much competence and the pressure from the interviewer? Easy answer. Confidence. Hard to get, yes, but you have to blindly believe in yourself. Of course you have to have skills, but confidence is what will differentiate you from hundred other applicants. I remember my first interview , it was awful, my body language was bad, everything was bad because I was nervous and I told the truth all the time! Now I am much better than before. Sorry guys, I know lying is not good, but you have to decorate your truth in an interview. It is almost like a date but with your future job.

Believe in yourself, be yourself, what is yours will be yours ! Wish me luck! 😉

How to get a job, 1 secret. parotisse

Dress H&M / Shoes Zara / Bag Mango


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