Cat Love


Hey guys, how are you all doing? I’ve been a bit busy these days, as I am preparing a special project coming soon! In the meantime, here is a bit of cat love! This is Dafne, we’ve been having her for a couple of months now, she literally came in a post from the South of Spain to Barcelona.

Her family couldn’t take care of her anymore and we wanted cat, so we volunteered! She is such a sweet cat, she really is. If you call her by her name she will come, she is very empathetic! She makes me wonder how I lived without her before 😀

Animals really make a difference in our lives. Sometimes I observe Dafne being in her own world, playing with some bug or just taking a nap in the sunny terrace. It makes me jealous to see the life she has, I want to be a cat too sometimes! Just joking! But yeah sometimes I really do. Heheheh.  She makes me wanna slow down and enjoy the moment as she does. Isn’t it the most precious thing?


Un comentario sobre “Cat Love

  1. Yes…sharing animal’s life is bringing us so much….and teaching us even more…..about how to enjoy life a simple way…..about true and unconditional love…..about how to communicate in a blink….thank you for your post….

    Me gusta

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