Retro walker


These days have been really nice, very inspirational. I like to do many things at the same time, I like to focus on music, photography and art. I get carried away and the most of all, I enjoy the result. Usually there isn’t always enough time to do everything I want to do and sometimes I get very lazy. I love spending a lot of hours in my bed and sleep sleep sleep, it’s not that I really love to sleep, I just don’t like waking up so early and sleeping can be very relaxing if you have stressful days. Even though sleeping is good, it’s important not to miss life and to do stuff that makes you happy or happier, even if you feel lazy it’s important to overcome that idle feeling. I always imagine myself being an old lady looking back at her life and wondering why I didn’t do that. I try not to disappoint her.

I enjoy trying new things like discovering new places to visit, to eat, to try on different types of clothes or to listen to different kind of music. My curiosity is endless. If you see me and I lost my curiosity you can consider me a dead person.  It’s the only thing I have since my childhood that is genuine and honestly belongs to my soul.

Today I present a quite flamboyant look. The pullover is an interesting piece in itself, it has ethnic details that add originality to a simple outfit. The lovely glasses and a white bag put together an interesting retro appearance. As you may have noticed I tried 3 different hair styles: a dishevelled bun, long hair and a pony tail.  I think my favourite one is a bun! It’s the most appropriate for the occasion and I also like how my fringe falls to the side. What do you think?

Well guys, have a lovely day and don’t forget to have fun and relax !

Pullover Zara

Dress H&M

Shoes Asos

Bag Mango

Sunnies House of Holland

Photography DudaBueno


What is in your head?

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