Hello my sparkling beauties, sorry for the big delay but I’m thinking about rebranding my blog, so right now I’m not quite sure how to do it that’s why I’m delaying my posting! But anyway, last Sunday we went to the beach to get some tan, play some volleyball and eat some paella and fideua. I haven’t been to this beach before so it was an interesting place to explore. It’s not so crowded as the beaches in Barcelona, so that’s was a big relief. We had some fun, drank some tinto de verano and fried our booties under the beams of the Spanish sun. I picked this dress with the idea of wearing it to the beach, it’s very comfy and really, it’s perfect. I love the string details on the back!  I was ready to save lives with it but fortunately there weren’t any drowning people in the sea! But you know, I was ready, always baywatchng awake or asleep, always watching 🙂

P.S: Soon I will post more pics of the burgundy bikini I’m wearing underneath the dress, but if you are too curious to wait you can have a sneak peek on the link below.

Skater Dress Zaful | use coupon “ZafulChen” for Zaful

Bikini Rosegal | use coupon “RosegalChen” for Rosegal

Sunglasses Vogue

Sandals Ç&A

Zaful White See Through Dress Spring 2017 Promotion 
Rosegal denim mini dress spring 2017 Promotion 

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