Hello my sparkling beauties, sorry for the big delay but I’m thinking about rebranding my blog, so right now I’m not quite sure how to do it that’s why I’m delaying my posting! But anyway, last Sunday we went to the beach to get some tan, play some volleyball and eat some paella and fideua. Sigue leyendo “BAYWATCH”


Girl with a book and a plant

What about relaxing for a bit? I have to admit, life is stressful for me. Sometimes I don’t know how to handle situations, my heart starts beating and my hands become sweaty. In those moments I try to imagine me in a bathtub with candles 😀 It may sound silly but it helps to cool down. When I am home I always try to relax and find some peaceful moments, like for instance, reading a book or enjoying spring sunshine. Somehow it gives me balance to not to go mad and stay fresh again!

What else? A good cup of tea with some cake, preferably apple pie !! Nom nom. Anyway, a cup of tea alone would be just fine!

Roses and how they smell. There is a park in the South of Spain that only has roses. They smell so good, such a peace! I used to sit on the bench and read my book. I remember once I was reading The lord of the rings, first book, I got that copy from university library. Suddenly a Korean tourist approached me and asked for directions. After that he asked for a picture with him, and also a picture of the book, he said he has never seen such an old book. It was a bit shabby indeed but not so much :D.

Beach. Either you live by the beach or you visit it every summer or every ten years, it is addictive. The sea or the ocean with its waves making their own music. Pure like sugar sand, it is like paradise on Earth, and it is warm. Perfect way to relax and to forget anything.

Music is power. Sometimes you put you headphones on and you start feeling better instantly! May it be Rihanna, Don Omar, Metallica or Beethoven, whatever is your favourite!

What are your ways to relax? 🙂